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Presenting the Best Face for your Business


When you work in the business world, appearance can be critical. You can have the best product ever, the most impeccable service, a perfected pitch, but if you don’t look the part, it’s going to be hard for a client to trust you and want to invest in you. Rather than throw away your chances at securing a client and a great long-term revenue stream, take some time to make sure you are ready for the pitch before you walk into the meeting.

Preparing for your pitch can take many forms. Getting ready for the big pitch to a client includes practicing your pitch, but also making sure the client will be receptive to how you look. Of course, you’ll need some proper attire. Make sure to dress appropriately: if you are pitching to a sports team, some more business casual may work. But if you are working with big biz or industry clients, make sure you dress in fine attire- dress shirt, polished shoes, pressed slacks, these will all impress your clients.

Of course, more than simply buying clothes, you need to make sure your physical appearance is top-notch. Make sure to get a haircut, have your nails well trimmed (nothing worse than stabbing someone with a long finger-nail on your first handshake), and of course, deal with any facial blemishes. This may sound superficial, but unfortunately, in the business world, people judge based in physical appearance.

A simple and fast Facial in Chicago will set you up for success. All you need is to sit down, let the beautician do their thing, and you’ll be out in no time. It’s well worth the investment, both time and money-wise. Take some time to invest in your facial appearance and your efforts will pay out in dividends. You’ll notice clients take much more of a liking to you than before.

When you find that you need to up your pitch game, invest in your pitch in every way you approach clients- work on your speech, but also how you look when you make your pitch.

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