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How the Take 5 For Safety Process Can Help Your Business

The Take 5 For Safety process has proven a very popular and effective means of increasing safety awareness in many workplaces around the country. This simple process consists of five steps that help employees to complete workplace tasks safely and, therefore, has many applications in all workplaces, especially workplaces such as construction sites and manufacturing facilities.

Safety Process Can Help Your Business

Here’s a brief outline of the Take 5 process:

  1. Stop, Look, and Listen – Observe the work area before work gets underway
  2. Review the Task – Consider the process involved in carrying out the task
  3. Identify the Risks – Look for occupational safety risks present in the workplace
  4. Manage the Risks – Review any risks identified and manage each risk
  5. Get Started – Once preventative measures have been completed the task can be commenced

This is not a complex or complicated process by any means, but it is one that has been proven to be particularly effective at reducing workplace accidents, plus it’s applicable to any workplace which means that any employer or supervisor can use it to increase occupational health and safety.

How it Helps Businesses

The benefits of applying the Safety Take 5 process are readily apparent and there are many excellent benefits afforded to businesses of all sizes, especially those involved in the construction and manufacturing sectors. These benefits include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Fewer workplace accidents

Workplace accidents can cause a myriad of problems for businesses and every effort should be made to apply safety processes that help to reduce the number of accidents that occur. It is in the best interests of all employers to implement measures that effectively increase workplace health and safety.

  • Improved employee safety

Employers have a legal, moral and financial obligation to their employees so it’s imperative that every effort is made to increase employee safety in the workplace. It’s also important to understand that an employer’s workforce is their greatest asset and should be treated as such.

  • Fewer insurance claims

Accidents in the workplace can be expensive and the more insurance claims that are filed as a result of workplace accidents, the higher the business’s insurance premiums will be.  In addition to insurance claims, employers also need to take into consideration worker’s compensation claims, as these claims can also jeopardise the fiscal health of a business.

Safety Process Can Help Your Business

These are by no means all the benefits afforded to businesses that apply the Take 5 For Safety process in their workplaces, though they certainly provide business owners with something to think about, especially those that have experienced accidents in the workplace in the past.

How to Implement the Process

 Generally speaking, implementing this simple occupational health and safety process is very straightforward. Employers will find that several training sessions may be enough to impart the knowledge required to their employees, and there are also a number of additional methods that can be used to ensure the process has been implemented properly, including having eye-catching signs outlining the process printed and posted around the workplace.

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