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Holiday Deliveries: The Important Role of HGV Drivers

Christmas is a magical time of the year. It brings forth visions of a jolly old man, with small helpers, loading a sleigh with lots of gifts and toys for good little boys and girls. HGV drivers also play an important role in the holiday season. They work hard to make sure that people have what they need to make their Christmas special.

Shopping is a big part of the holiday season. As people get ready to host dinners, parties and more, they all go out searching for their favorite foods. Some base their menu on tradition. Others go with what they think looks good. What is certain is that chocolate, Baileys and mince pies fly off the shelves. And of course, the items that you purchase at the store do not just magically make their way to the shelves. Instead, they are transported there, and HGV drivers are the ones that bring many of these items to your local stores.


The sheer number of goods that they transport is amazing.

Turkey Dinners for All!

Britain, as a whole, loves to serve turkey at Christmas dinner. This tradition dates back to World War II, when rations were low and the bird was the best option.

Each holiday season, people in the UK eat approximately ten million turkeys. Therefore, there are a lot of these birds put on trucks and delivered to stores. HGV handles many of these deliveries, bringing the turkeys from the farm to butchers, supermarkets and more. Because there are so many turkeys being shipped out, HGV purchased six new trucks to add to their fleet of vehicles that deal with the birds. And the demand continues to rise each year!

More Holiday Traditions:

Christmas Trees

Starting in December, it is not difficult to find a Christmas tree at your local area shops. Whether its the supermarket, the Garden Centre or some other store, this holiday decoration is everywhere.


You will not be surprised to learn, then, that in the UK, eight million Christmas trees are purchased each year.

Holiday Pudding

Do you have turkey at your Christmas dinner? If so, you are not alone. However, one food more popular than turkey is Christmas pudding. HGV drivers transport large quantities of this food so that it is available in your local store when you need it.

During the holidays, more than 25 million Christmas puddings are sold. That likely explains all the New Year’s resolutions to lose weight once Christmas is over!



Whatever your personal feelings are about sprouts, they make an appearance at Christmas in many households. As a result, tons of these green vegetables are loaded onto to trucks to so they get to their intended destination.



It is quite clear that the UK likes to have a drink (or several drinks). The public consumes 250 million pints of beer, 82 million bottles of Baileys and 35 million bottles of wine.



What is a holiday dinner without crackers? You likely have a number of personal family traditions that you incorporate into your celebrations each year, but crackers are a widespread treat among families in the area. Approximately 300 million crackers get shipped out during the holidays, to ensure that they are on the shelves and available for eager shoppers to purchase.

Because of the volume of deliveries around the holidays, it is not hard to see how important HGV drivers are to the community and the economy, so they need appropriate training. If they were not hard at work each day, there would be a lot of disappointed people at what should be a very happy time of the year.

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