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Don’t Let Poor Quality Graphics Ruin Your Exhibition Stall

If you want to market your business successfully, you need to make sure you take branding seriously. Marketing is essential for business success as it’s the way you reach new and existing customers with product information, promotions and company updates. If you do your marketing right, you could see your customer base and profits increase exponentially. While the invention of the internet has caused a boom in online marketing, the traditional methods can still prove to be highly effective.

Quality Graphics

A great way to advertise your business is by exhibiting at a trade show exhibition. It’s a place where your target market will be in attendance and therefore, a great way to advertise to the people who are looking for your products. However, if you’re going to find success as a result of a trade show exhibition, you’ll need to get your visuals expertly designed. Equally as important, you’ll also need to have them professionally printed to a high standard. You can find top printers in Bristol to ensure your graphics look great.

Quality Graphics

High Quality Printed Graphics

Your graphics need to reflect professionalism. As such, pixelated or blurry visuals could be enough to turn away potential customers. Likewise, problems with positioning or misprinting could hide crucial information. The best way to make sure your graphics win new customers is to choose a trusted and experienced printing company.

  • Attract visitors to your stand – During trade shows, the first thing that’s going to attract potential customers to your stand is your graphics. You need your graphics to help you stand out against the competition, which won’t be achieved if the printing has resulted in low-quality, pixelated images. You can’t afford to get this wrong because you can be sure your competitors will be taking it extremely seriously.

Quality Graphics

  • Highlight the best of your company – Your visuals’ main purpose is to attract attention, not convey your business’s life story. Graphics that containtiny fonts, too much text or ‘busy’ images are likely to be ignored by exhibition attendees. It’s important to remember attendees have many stalls to peruse; if they’re short of time, they’ll walk past the stalls that don’t look instantly appealing.
  • Make sure your branding is memorable – While attracting visitors to your stall is a priority, making sure they remember your company is equally as beneficial. Make sure your graphics, logo and branding stick in people’s heads. That way, they’ll come to you instead of looking for other companies.

Quality Graphics


Trade shows are a tried and tested way to successfully advertise your business. Get it wrong, however, and you’ll essentially be throwing money down the drain. Striking visuals are possibly the most important factor at trade shows, as nobody will be interested in your stall if it doesn’t look modern and professional. Make sure you choose a high quality printing company, and you can be confident your visuals will win you some new customers.

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