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Consulate, Embassy Or High Commission – What are the differences?

It is something the majority of us don’t provide a second considered to – until we obtain into trouble overseas and want help. So, that do you call? A Consulate, the Embassy, or High Commission? This is should have been an unofficial and brief explanation only:


Consulates are just like small embassies or branches of embassies. They’re present in major tourist metropolitan areas around the globe or areas with large expatriate populations. Consulates issue visas, passports and emergency documents. Additionally they perform notary functions, register births and deaths and take care of serious matters for example forced marriages and child abductions. Consulates assist nationals imprisoned abroad and victims of crime. Additionally they assist in installments of severe illness while travelling or dying of relatives abroad. Those are the first reason for contact when passports are stolen or lost or other serious issue has experience when living or travelling abroad. Their primary function would be to assist people they don’t normally get involved with country-to-country relations (the primary role and performance from the ambassador and embassy). Smaller sized metropolitan areas and towns might have an ‘honorary consulate’ that is a smaller sized form of a consulate.

A consulate establishes a name abroad mainly to help expatriates and vacationers and to some extent to advertise and enhance friendly relations between your countries regarding trade, investment, and also the import and export of services between countries.

Consuls are hired as official representatives of the government (whereas there’s just one Ambassador for every country, representing the mind of condition). There might be several consuls hired to some country, performing different roles, having a different consul responsible for consulates situated in major metropolitan areas. A consulate can also be sometimes area of the embassy within the capital of the country.

A higher-ranking consul is actually a consul-general. A consul-general may have deputy consuls-general, vice-consuls, or agents working to enable them to. Inside a large country like the U.S. there’s a consul-general in lots of major metropolitan areas, for example New You are able to, La and Chicago.


An embassy might be thought of as the ‘head office’ whereas consulates would be the branch offices. There’s just one ambassador located in the embassy within the capital of the host country, whereas there are lots of consuls to pay for major metropolitan areas. For instance, within the U . s . States the British Embassy is situated in Washington, D.C. with consulates in main metropolitan areas.

An Ambassador is really a associated with the mind of condition and government of the country. The ambassador deals directly using the ambassador for that mind of condition from the host country (as an example the Ambassador to H.M. The Queen and also the Ambassador towards the President from the U . s . States). Ambassadors have the effect of overseeing the job from the embassy and it is consulates. An ambassador also presents and explains political policies and views towards the host country together with reports to the house country. Other responsibilities include security issues, commercial, economic, media, and diplomatic relations and interests. Some countries don’t have an embassy for politically-sensitive reasons, but possess a consulate to assist resident expatriates and vacationers.

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