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5 Tips to Find More Instagram Followers

In order for your Instagram account to generate more business for your company, you need to increase the number of followers it has. Although social media strategies can take time to work, there are things you can do to help the process move faster. Here are five tips for finding more followers to boost business for your company.


Be a Follower

You may have heard the saying, “In order to make friends, you have to be a friend,” well this concept works for Instagram followers too. To attract more followers, you should take some time to look through Instagram and follow the accounts of businesses within your industry, bloggers who write about the types of products your company sells, and the accounts of customers who frequently engage with your company through Instagram. In turn, most of the accounts you follow will return the favour, which increases exposure to your brand.

Connect Platforms

If you have accounts on other social media platforms, connect them to your Instagram account by sharing content or, if it is new, announcing your account on Facebook or Twitter. Many loyal friends or followers on those platforms, who also have accounts on Instagram, will be more likely to follow your Instagram account as well. By sharing Instagram content on your other social media accounts, you will generate interest from followers on those accounts and others who are interested in the types of products or services your company offers.

Pay for Them

If you do have a new Instagram account and don’t want to wait several weeks for your marketing strategy to generate more followers, you can simply pay for them. You have access to internet marketing companies that specialise in selling packages of real Instagram followers. If you buy real Instagram followers, it can help generate interest in your account because competitors will want to know what type of strategy you’re using and other users will look at friends’ accounts to see check out the types of things in which they’re interested.


Add the Instagram Icon to Company Materials

While it is a more passive way to gain followers, you can simply add the Instagram icon to your website and your company’s marketing materials. When web visitors or potential clients see your business cards, printed advertisements, or other materials, they will know you have an Instagram account when they see the icon. This will prompt some Instagram users to pull up your account and many of them may follow it, especially if they use your products or services.

Post Interesting Content

Whether it is your company’s website or social media accounts, interesting, creative, engaging content is still the main key to generating interest and finding new followers. While some of your accounts will be textually oriented, Instagram is all about visual content. Produce interesting images and videos about your company, its people, or your products to attract attention and followers.

If you use these five tips, you should be able to increase the number of followers for your Instagram account and generate more revenue along the way.

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